Since my chair has been back in action for the past several days, I figured a little celebration was in order over the weekend. That being said, on Saturday my friend, Larry, and I decided to accomplish our New Year’s Resolution: drive down to Bridgeport, Connecticut and surprise my best friend, Amanda, at her apartment. Bridgeport is about 2 and a half hours away from my house, so I definitely considered this a mini road trip for us. Now, you see, I’m not really the biggest fan of road trips. Besides the fact that I was extremely impatient and overly eager to see my best friend, sitting in my wheelchair for an extended period of time is quite exhausting for me, which is why I don’t go on too many of them. But, I figured this weekend was the perfect weekend for a surprise.

When we arrived at the apartment, Larry carried me inside (it wasn’t handicapped accessible) and we waited for Amanda to get out of bed. Her reaction when she saw us was absolutely priceless! She was so surprised! She took us around town, showed us where she goes to school (Sacred Heart University!), and even took us to a delicious macaroni and cheese bar called Mac Daddy’s. At Mac Daddy’s, everything is made with macaroni and cheese. I’m not kidding. Everything. I was completely in my glory.


I’m so glad I had the opportunity to finally visit Amanda this past weekend. I have been wanting to go down to Bridgeport since she started school back in 2008! It’s just that, sometimes, it’s hard for me to travel long distances in a car, and at the same time, a lot of responsibility on the person who’s taking me. I think…well, I hope…Larry had a blast with me this Saturday, even if I did drive him a little crazy. It was a long day for the both of us, but I appreciate every single second he spent with me that day. I’m so grateful for friends like him (and, of course, Amanda) who always take such great care of me.


Author: Alyssa

Chronicling my journey while teaching the world that I have SMA, but it will NEVER have me. Life's what you make it, dare to make it a remarkable one✨

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