This post is a part of an 8-day series.

There’s so much that can happen in 24 hours that I’m not sure where to begin with this post. Oh wait, yes I do. Let’s rewind to 3:30am because nothing good ever happens when you’re in a hotel in Georgia with your parents at that time. That is, unless you’re dealing with an anxious newborn.

Karma- a force with nature that I have quite the love/hate relationship with. Remember how I told you Wish pretty much slept through the night? Well, karma all but laughed in my face and decided to show me the true meaning of motherhood: sleepless nights. This she-gorilla of a dog didn’t sleep all night which meant mommy didn’t sleep all night which now means I’m basically sleep-writing. I don’t even think sleep-writing is actual word, but you’re going to have to forgive me here for I have not had enough coffee today to work effectively.

By dawn, I eventually caved, and grandma (my mom) and I brought her into bed where she wrapped her paws around my legs and finally went to sleep for an hour before our wake up call. I don’t care how pearly white her teeth are, I am totally not a fan of sedation by day and energy by night.

When we woke up this morning from our little nap, I went to bird feed my girl some bread. Yes, that’s right. No need to go back and reread what I just wrote, I did not dive into the deep end on account of lack of sleep, I just bird fed her as way to bond. Jennifer taught me this technique as it shows Wish that I’m her mother and offers a sense of security in this new environment. What did I learn from this experience you ask? I will apparently do literally anything for a dog I just met 48 hours ago, and I might be a little weird. Okay fine, I’m definitely weird.

But anyways, as you can see, we’ve been learning a lot during our time spent here. Classes usually range from 5-7 hours with outings in between, but as evident in this picture, Wish doesn’t seem to mind at all. Today, we had to request an extra chair because Wish kept stealing my mom’s seat. Are you thinking what I’m thinking too? She’s an absolute diva! She’s the only dog in class who gets up on a seat every morning to pay attention to lectures and demonstrations, so come to think of it, she’s just a total nerd like her momma. Keep making me proud, girl!

I’m beginning to see major improvements when we’re out in public which is so totally amazing and remarkable. Within one day, she went from slightly anxious and unsure to completely calm and “hey mom those boots will look amazing on you”. Seriously. We were taught how to ask these dogs to respond to “yes” and “no” questions by using our hands (left means yes, right means no), so when my father asked Wish whether or not I should purchase the boots, she eagerly directed her snout to “yes”! What a smarty pants.

Happy National Black Dog Day, little one! Can’t wait for the next 24 hours.

wish the service dog

Author: Alyssa

Chronicling my journey while teaching the world that I have SMA, but it will NEVER have me. Life's what you make it, dare to make it a remarkable one✨

2 thoughts on “A WISH COME TRUE: DAY FIVE”

  1. Love following this journey and hearing about Wish! Enjoy your experience my sweet wonderful young woman! Can’t wait for the next installment! MFA xo

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